Developer Update - 6/2/10Edit

Mark Otero Citizens of Skyreach and champions of Griffon, Phoenix, and Dragon I bring you news...

We are currently, actively, working on the following:

(1) World travel map, the beginning...

(2) Improved battle system (faster, better, tastier, and shinier)

(3) Limited edition military units this week

(4) A new titan

(5) Ask for an ingredient

(6) Bug fixes (daily!)


- Mark

Developer Update - 5/7/10Edit

Mark Myong-Sik Otero Citizens of Skyreach and Orders of the Griffon, Dragon and Phoenix, I bear news of upcoming updates in Age of Champions.

Here is what's coming up next (within 7 to 10 days):

(1) Music in the battle display, and battle-sounds following shortly thereafter
(2) A leader board
(3) More achievements (more is better!)
(4) Game balance tweaks, further calibration in rewards
(5) Expanded battle system display (so you can see more of what's going on)
(6) Bug fixes

We are expecting a flood of new players next week, so arm up and prepare yourselves.

Also, special thanks to all the alpha testers: Tom, Katie, Allerei, Melinda, Chih, Andrew C., Z Aaron, Gerald, Wil, Jonathan, Harry, and many others.

Like in our other game, Superhero City, we'll continue to do our best to communicate and work with you in the making of Age of Champions.


- Mark======