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Introduction to ArmiesEdit

In this tab you can hire soldiers to stregnthen your army.

Chose to hire Humans, Minotaurs, Elves, or any combination of the three. Gain levels and grow in power to hire more powerful soldiers. As your champion gains levels your Respect increases allowing more soliders to be recruited to your army.

Any army units purchased with gold require food to keep up their stregnth.

Soldiers purchased with Blue Crystals do not require food, and are usually more powerful than gold-purchased soldiers.

Have your allies help crank your titans.

Hire the best advisors to guide you in battle.

If that is not enough, you can pay Mercenaries for a temporary boost - a boost that could mean the difference between victory and defeat.


Humans are warriors of faith. Human warriors are well balanced overall. They have a leadership advantage over Elves, but are weak to Minotaurs.

The earlier humans available do not require any special buildings for their use. However, the more powerful the humans are you wish to hire, the more upgrades they will need.

Details of Human units.


Minotaur units are powerful warriors. They can overtake Human soldiers by force, but are weak to disciplined Elves.

Details of Minotaur units,


Elven units are very skillful and swift. They can defeat Minotaurs by speed, but do not have the power of Humans.

Details of Elf units.

BC UnitsEdit

BC Units are purchased with Blue Crystals from the Market page, won through the Treasure Chest, or earned as prizes from certain events. These units do not consume food, and are more powerful than gold-purchased soldiers.

Details of BC Units.

Colossal UnitsEdit

Colossal units are massive weapons of destruction, and can only equip colossal specific runes and talismans. However, they still benefit from the all-army bonuses from advisors and champion gear.

Details of Colossal Units .


Advisors give powerful bonuses to your Army or Champion.

Details of Advisors.


Titans are war machines that deal massive damage to your enemies. Crank em up!

Details of Titans.


These soldiers of fortune fight for gold, and require no food!

Details of Mercenaries.

Strategy GuidanceEdit

Discussion about army strategies etc...