How well do you stack up against your fellow Age of Champions Players? Navigate to the Battle tab to engage other players in combat in order to find out! Bring your army, join events, and climb up in the ranks to become King of the Hill!

Battle InterfaceEdit

When you click on the Battle tab, the following page will display:

Battle Page Screenshot

  • Army Limit: At the top of the page in light blue text, you'll see the amount of soldiers you can bring into battle. This number will increase as your level increases. Even if you have more soldiers than the limit states, only the most powerful of those units will be chosen.
  • Event Button: AoC is filled with different Events! If there is an event happening at the moment you will see the button at the top to join. In this image, you see a button to join the Duels Tournament IX. This will bring you to a new interface where you can see all aspects of the event.
  • Sort Buttons: These buttons provide you with different ways of viewing your enemies.
    • Opponents: This shows you the standard interface for battles. A random list of players within your level range is displayed for you to choose from.
    • Top 50: The top 50 players in the game, listed according to Battle Score.
    • King of the Hill: The Battle Score defines a player's victories, but it is not always a gurantee of a players prowess. The King of the Hill is a list of AoC's strongest players. Defeat one to take their spot, and fight your way to the top.
    • Fractions: Phoenix, Dragon, Griffon. View and invade the top 50 players in each fraction.
  • Show Battle Animations: With this box checked, you will view each battle as it unfolds. If you're in a rush to defeat your enemies, uncheck this box and simply receive a notice of your victory or defeat.
  • Shuffle Buttons: These buttons will change the arrangement of your opponents.
    • Weaker: If you find the opponents provided are too powerful, search out weaker opponents on which to build your strength
    • More: If you’re unhappy with the assortment of opponents provided, hit the “More” button in order to shuffle the list within your level range
    • Stronger: If you find your opponents are too easy for your liking, hit “Stronger” to find more challenging enemies.
  • Opponent Description: When viewing your opponents, eight are displayed at one time. Each opponent displays several features for you to judge whether or not they are a worthy enemy for battle.
    • Army Status Bar: At the top of their Avatar icon you will see a different colored bar showing how their army is fairing. As a player starts to battle, their Army Status Bar will begin to empty and change color. If they're fully rested, teh bar is blue and full. If their army is tired it will fade gradually to green, yellow, orange, and then red. when that player can no longer attack others in battle, their bar will be empty and they will be an easier challeng.
    • Champion Name: This is displayed to the right of the Army Status Bar
    • Champion Image: This shows a small thumbnail of your opponant's champion and what they're currently wearing
    • Player Image: A much smaller thumbnail of what the player's Facebook profile page looks like.
    • Level: Players current level
    • Win/Loss: These two fields show how many battles this player has won, and how many they've lost.
    • Soldiers: The amount of soldiers they are currently brining into battle.
    • Allies: How many allies this player has befriended.
    • Invade: This is the button you click to engage your opponent in battle!

The Battle ScreenEdit

In progress


King of the Hill (KOTH)- There are currently 2 ways KOTH are used in AoC. The permenant KOTH is discussed in another section. KOTH as used in battle is a ranking where any player may challenge a higher ranking player. If the lower ranked player wins he/she will take the higher spot. A player may attack another player above them as many times as they would like. Regular battling rules apply to all players of lower rank than the attacking player.

Master of the Forge (MotF or sometimes MOFO)- This tournament is done over 24 hours. The format is King of the Hill. There are 3 prize divisions, Shield, Armor, and Weapon (i don't have access to the official names). The top ranked player in each tier and each division receives a champion version of the gear, 1 greater, and 1 lesser unit gear. 2-10 receive 1 greater champ gear, 11-25 receive 1 lesser champ gear. After the timer runs out the tiers are locked. Any ranked player can be attacked until the timer reaches 0 (see sniping). When the next MotF arrives the champ gear is taken from the last MotF winners and is offered up again for the new tournament. Every champion keeps all unit gear.

Duels- This event is much like KotH, but the armies are NOT used. This is strictly Champ verses Champ.

Faction Wars- The game is divided into 3 Factions- Dragons, Phoenix, and Griffons. Each faction has the opportunity to gift war supplies to friends and allies before the Wars. These war supplies help the faction that donates them. The first faction war was dominated by the largest faction the dragons. The second faction war was dominated by a handicap. Griffons won the second faction war. A faction unit is availabe for purchase with BC before the event begins. The winning faction receives the larges boost of the faction unit and a 24 hour market sale. The second place faction receives a smaller boost to their faction unit. Any player may purchase any faction unit in any amount. For example, a dragon faction champion can own 40 phoenix units. The first faction wars had colossal units, the second featured equippable soldiers.

Blitz- Blitz Tournaments use the KotH format. All Blitz Tournaments are unannounced and typically last 4 hours. A blitz can be accessed from the battle page. A typical blitz will use the champions army.

- Gambler's Blitz- Random prizes are awarded at a certain percent of the time for each attack. The higher the champion's rank the better percentage (or chance) he/she has at getting loot. NOTE: There are no final prizes for this type of blitz!

- Duel Blitz- This is just like the duels tournemant. KotH format is used. This is a champ verses champ event, armies are not used.

Strategy GuidanceEdit

Your army and your opponent's are pitted against each other in an amazing animated battle. Many factors determine who wins, including (but not limited to):

Army Size - how many soldiers (and what type) you bring to battle with you.

Power - how strong you and your army is. The ratio of power between two units determines the base damage. A 1:1 ratio gives 25 base damage. There are diminishing returns for higher ratios.

Life - how many hits you can take

(Weapon) Damage - how hard you hit. The protection of the defending unit is subtracted from the weapon damage, and used to determine a multiplier to base damage.

Protection - how hard of a hit you can take. Reduces the amount of total damage based on the difference between your protection and the attacker's weapon damage.

Advisors - who helps you in the battle. Advisors add bonuses to power, life, damage, protection, etc.

Weapons - (damage) what you and your army is outfitted with

Armor - (protection) what you and your army are wearing

Off-hand - (protection or damage) what you and your army are carrying. Most off hand equipment are shields.

Talisman - additional protection

Runes - additional damage

Total damage is calculated as follows:

Base damage * Equipment Difference Damage * Random Damage * Critical

Base Damage = ƒ(Attacker Power / Defender Power)

Equipment Difference Damage = ƒ(Attacker Weapon Damage - Defender Protection)

Random Damage - averages to 1 over time.

Critical - if the unit scores a critical, based on their critical percentage, this is 2. Otherwise it's one.