Gifting is the only way to get certain items in the game so make sure you send gifts to your allies. As for accepting gifts they will appear in your normal facebook request section. If the number required for a recipe is more than 1, it is shown in parentheses. Eg, For Fire Scroll, Rage Run (X3) means that 3 Fire Scrolls are required in the recipe to make a Rage Rune.

Picture Item Level Unlock Recipe
001flam Fire Scroll

Rage Rune (X3)

001amber Amber

Warden's Shield

Rage Rune (X3)

Ebony Sword (X3)


Oak Timber

Warden's Shield

005tera Earth Scroll Unlock at Level 5

Wilderness Trinket (X4)

005tigerseye Tiger Eye Unlock at Level 5

Wilderness Trinket,

Eye of Rinjin (X2)

005silverstrand Silver Chain Unlock at Level 5 Guard of Rinjin (X2)
010smithhammer Smith Hammer Unlock at Level 10

Golden Armor,

Ebony Armor (X3)

010ironore Iron Ore Unlock at Level 10

Poisoned Blade

015zircon Zircon Unlock at Level 15

Ebony Battle Sword (X3)

030silverore Silver Ore Unlock at Level 20

Tempest Rune (X3),

Armor of Rinjin (X3)

020vis Lightning Scroll Unlock at Level 20

Tempest Rune (X3)

030beryl Beryl Unlock at level 20

Tempest Rune (X3),

Soul of Tiamat (X2)

030jux Blood Scroll Unlock at Level 30

Armor of Tiamat (X3),

Strength of Tiamat (X2)

025goldingot Gold Ingot Unlock at level 30

Golden Armor (X5),

Armor of Bahamut (X3),

Barrier of Bahamut (X2)

040ebonytimber Ebony Timber Unlock at level 40

Ebony Sword (X4),

Ebony Battle Sword (X4),

Ebony Great Sword (X5),

Ebony Armor (X7)

Underworld Rune (X5)

015silverswordshard Silver Sword Shards Unlock at Level 40 Undead Slayer(X3)
030ebonyswordshard Ebony Sword Shard Unlock at Level 40

Ebony Sword,

Ebony Battle Sword (X2),

Ebony Great Sword (X2)

040topaz Topaz Unlock at level 60

Ebony Great Sword (X3)

050anmani Death Scroll Unlock at level 70

Underworld Rune (X4)

Armor of Dracolich (X3)

050turquoise Turquoise

Unlock at level 70

Underworld Rune (X4)