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Guild Wars

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A guild war is a war between two guilds. A guild war can be initiated between two guilds. In addition, periodically, KN holds Guild War tournaments.

For a private war between two guilds, an officer from one Guild will send a Guild Wars Challenge to the other. This is done by selecting the Guild from the Directory found in Guilds.

To find the Guild, you must select the first letter of the Guild name and Search (it is recommended that you check Charter Guilds Only). In the box below will be an index of the Guilds that start with the letter you selected. If there are too many guilds to fit on 1 page, then a set of page numbers is shown (in the illustration above, there are 25 pages of Guilds starting with the letter A). Once you find the Guild you want to challenge, click on the Guild name.

When sending the Guild War Challenge, two parameters must be selected: War Length and War Duration.

It appears that a Challenge expires after 2 hours if it is not accepted.

If you have a Guild with members spread around the world, you may want to select a War Length of at least a day. Every Member of the Guild must have the amount of the War Wager in their bank. This wager is used to start the Prize Pool and is taken from the guild members account then the Challenge is issued / accepted.

In a Guild War tournament, participating Guilds are grouped into tiers. In Guild Wars III, each tier had 16 guilds. Over a 4 day period, each guild was able to fight 4 guild wars with other guilds in their bracket. At the end of the tournament, prizes were awarded based on the number of wins a Guild achieved during the tournament.

The mechanics of a Guild war are pretty straight-forward. Each member of a Guild may attack any member of the opposing Guild up to 2 times per day and fight a traditional battle between their armies. The winner of the battle gets 1 point for their guild. At the end of the Guild war, the winner is the Guild with the most wins (Note: these are both offensive wins (when you attacked) and defensive wins (when you were attacked)). During the war, all gold and experience earned in each battle is put into a prize pool with the winning guild getting the entire prize (distributed among its members).

An important consideration is the definition of a day. A new day begins at midnight PST. This causes an interesting twist, as in a 1 day war - you will actually be fighting on parts of 2 days and get two full sets of attacks. Make sure your guild knows they can perform the second set of attacks after midnight PST.

Guild Raids

  • Can be initiated by an Officer or Leader
  • Will automatically appear on a members Raid List

Strategy Guidance

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Guilds are here!

Many guilds are available, they can be very helpful & quitting is easy so be sure to join one.

Add Guild Member

The leader and officers can add new guild members. Scroll to the bottom of the member list to approve applicants.

Guild Activities

Raids are especially important, it helps to have a number of guild members at the same raid tier. Guild Wars may be fun too.

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