Q: how did the top players aquire there crystal army?

A: they either spent real world money on the game, have friends in the development team or have actually completed alot of servey's.

(I would guess they most likely throwing money at this game or they have friends)

Q: how do i win in battels i have an army of 130+ of nothng but level 55 army with all the highst gear and fuaght a lower lv that had second rate gear and less then half my army and still lost my avg ever thing was higher by at least double points then theres.they where 15 blue crystal what a gay game.

A: I have had similar problems this game is not meant for average game play i have fouaht 10 death dealers with lv 20 armor on them with a lv 42 army and lost. point is u need spend money on this game to be worth anything atleast spend ur blue crystals otherwise no matter what you do in this game the strongs bought army and forge falls short to the weakest blue crystal army. sorry but thats the "gay route" this game is drivin.