Every day the player can give tribute to the immortals and get a reward. There are three immortals which can each give the player a different mana. The Enchantress Elexa gives Immortal Mana.The other two immortals are Solaris and Nyxos. Solaris gives Light Mana, while Nyxos gives Shadow Mana respectively. When the immortals give a mana, the player must wait until the next 21 hours to give tribute again.

Solaris is the blond hair woman in golden armor with a sword on her back. Nyxos is the dark haired woman with black armor.

The immortals also give an item randomly: Experience, Gold, a Stamina potion, or an Energy potion (Energy and Stamina items are changed when higher level). After a player has given tribute for a certain amount of days, they can give a super bonus item.

The days that give super bonus items are the third day, the seventh day, and the 12th day. After the 12th day, the player will recieve a super bonus every 5 days after. The Super bonus includes: Immortal Rune, Immortal Armor, Blue Crystals, and others.


Tribute chart and timer