Age of Champions is a RPG (role playing game) created by Klicknation. The game play takes place in a fictional world comprising of various lands (The Badlands, Cinderscarred Vale...ect) . The main city is "Skyreach" which hovers over the landscape like the Pandoran Hallelujah mountains.

As with other Facebook RPGs, players control a character's avatar within a game world in third person battle area or a sort of first person quest where scripted quests are completed for in game cash and experience. Much of the game play involves traveling the landscape, fighting various creatures, completing quests, and interacting with Non playable characters (NPCs) for instructions or furthering the storyline..

To enter the game, the player must select one of three orders defining the players background to some degree, each has its own crest associated with the character. The character can also be modified in appearance and named according to the creators wishes.

Players may choose an Alliance with other player which seems to be unaffected by the characters "order" and such alliances have yet to be defined in terms of their effect on game play. The player selects the new character's, which includes Elves, Humans or Minotaur’s. Once the main character is defined the player may choose members of his army from the same racial groups defined as Guardians, Warcasters and Warriors each with deferent strengths and weaknesses. The player may choose to battle other players also winning in game cash based on the level of the challenged player's character. Completing quests allows the player to "level up" gaining access to more storylines, weapons, warriors and quests within the game.