Players work together to defeat monsters and earn loot. Loot can be equipment for your army, crafting components, and gear for your champion.

You can join any raid at any level but , you must do some minimum percentage damage to earn any loot. The percentage is calculated from the total raid score and includes healing. So the total raid score can be greater than the health of the monster! If you do less damage than the minimum, you will not get anything at all. The minimum percentage depends on the monster. For Rinjin the Blue, it is 3%.

The number of items you get is based on the total amount of damage you do. There are different types of loot: Uncommon (74% chance), Rare (20% chance), Epic (5% chance) and Legendary (1% chance). Maximum number of items you can get is 9, except for Manticore raid, where you can get 12. For example, if you do 20% of the raid score in a Rinjin the Blue raid, you will get 9 items - and that is the max. Doing 30% damage will still only give you 9 items. However, if you get time bonus during the raid, you can get extra items.

If the raid is completed quickly, you get a time bonus. The time bonus increases the quantity of loot (you get extra items) and improves the chances of getting Rare, Epic and Legendary.

See links below for additional information on raid drops under each of the links below

And this is a detailed spreadsheet of what you will get based on the damage you do to each boss click me


Rinjin the Blue


Bahamut the Red

Clockwork Dragon

Fire Elemental


Ssthethra the Widow


Tiamat the Green

Ice Elemental


Elder Eye

Therafiss the Tarantula

Dracolich the Undead


Nature Elemental

Queen Reclusis

Light Elemental

Albigor the Blarott

Strategy GuideEdit

The best strategy is to take down the beasts as fast as possible with each player only doing the maxium amount of damage to be useful.(Actually you want to do the least amount of damage required to unlock the items you are trying to aquire. Then move on to another, therby increasing your odds of aquiring the required items. It is unlikey that you will get whatever item you raiding for even if you had suffcient energy to kill the creature yourself.)

Speed - Taking down the raids fast will give you a bonus of upto 4 extra items and increases the chance of (rarer) better items. To help finish off your raid post a call to arms. You can copy the link to your raid (from your facebook profile) and post it in the correct click nation forum, normally called "Official [Rinjin the Blue] Thread"

There are groups on facebook, AoC Raid Page is one, where you can post links to raids.

Max damage - Each raid has a maxium of 9 (12 for leonids) item drops available for players who do over a set amount of damage. Players who do over the amount of damage needed to get the full 9 drops are either trying to speed up the kill or are wasting their time and energy.

note: More damage does NOT give better items.

Rinjin the Blue needs 2,400 damage to give the full 9 items. Hitting him any harder than that won't help.

World RaidsEdit

World raids are the same as above except that it is a raid that everone that plays the game comes together to kill. They do apear on rare occasions and drop better quality loot. The other noted difference about this type of raid is that it can pay off to do more damage. This is because as you do more damage the Uncommon and Rare items can be locked out and all you will receive is the epic and legendary items. NOTE: World raids only happen about two times a year.