1. Have a homestead (players begin with one at the start of the game now)
  2. Create the largest army you can feed with the food produced by that Homestead (quantity still seems to win over quality)
  3. Through the forge buy Equipment, one of each kind per soldier
  4. Buy and sell the weapons and the army until you have the highest made of all. Only sell once you have surpassed the amount of soldiers available to you.
  5. Help to cover expenses with Businesses
  6. Later when money is not a problem, and you have the highest-tier Technology building available to you (as well as Army if you want to train elite troops) you may build additional Farm class structures
  7. Whenever possible, make sure you have the highest-tier Farm and Business class structures.


Very annoying in large numbers.

Quality first strategyEdit

Recruit the best troops you can and equip them each with the best weapon, the best offhand, the best armor, the best talisman, and the best rune you can.

  • Obviously this would be ideal, but you will likely lack the money to optimize all factors. Look at statistics and pick the most cost-effective. Begin with troops, buy the highest-tier ones up until whatever you can support with the food from your highest level Farm building. This will be your Homestead for much of the earlier portion of the game. Then upgrade Weapons, Off-hand, Armor. Finally, Runes & Talismans can give you an extra boost, but they are very expensive and do not boost stats as much per $ as other equipment does, you will likely not benefit from dealing with them earlier in the game.


Do a lot of fishing and rabbit hunting once you can to accumulate the wherewithal to buy more troops and equipement. As you battle others and gain silver, upgrade the troops and weapons as best you can, expanding the number of troops once all are the best equipped with the best. Save your specials until you can acquire one of the best in a category. Continue until your avatar has the complete set of the best weapon, off-hand, armor, talisman and rune he/she can get.

NOTE: When it looks like you are going to level, ALWAYS burn any extra energy you have on fishing. You'll use up that extra energy without gaining any XP and the fish can act like a bank without the 10% fee. You can turn them any time you need some extra cash.