Beginner StratagiesEdit

When you start out put points into energy, life, and power (but no more then 15 into stamina), create a mixture of 50 - 50 top tier elven and human warirors cycling out until you hit level 35 then pick one faction over the other (Elves are the common choose for their high crit, which doubles their damage, this damage include weapons etcetera) Build 4 farms and upgrade the tech buildings (You only need the build you are buying the equipment of, so stick only having one at a time) and save your blue crystals til you can buy All Army champion gear. Join a mass add to get enough allies to unlock more building lots.

As strange as it is to say, but leveling to fast is bad. Focus on raids to begin with as that will equip your champion and army with gear that most likely isnt unlocked to you yet. The Dragons are the easiest and there are raid groups, raid pages and raid forums, so there should be a few around for you to kill.

Champion StrategiesEdit

Link here for more infomation.

Power: This is the main attribute to increase after you have happy with your energy (The strategy guide in Battle explains its importance)

Life: How much damage you can take before you die.

Max energy: Energy is used to do quests and raid. The highest energy potion you can drink is 100 and you can get a good supply of this potion and the smaller ones through exchanging gifts with other players. Keep in mind that the more points you put into energy the less you will be putting into life and power which will severly hinder your success in Duels. The champs that do best in duels put NO extra points into energy or stamina and find other ways to (advisors and War Council) to raid.

Max Stamina: Stamina is used when Dueling (which happens it 2 quests or events) and Battling.

Quest StrategiesEdit

There are only 3 good things that come out of questing.The Tower, Makeshift Sentails and The Cook.

Battle StrategiesEdit

Please see Battle

Raid StrategiesEdit

There are a number of ways to open raids public guild or joining in someone elses made public & you would think that hitting each monster as much as possible would yield the greatest rewards but this isnt usually the case. Your best strategy is getting the lowest damage for the maximum number of items and moving onto the next raid...

Army StrategiesEdit

Focus on one race, Humans are all-rounders, Minotaurs have more damage but low crit and Elves have low damage but high crit. They can have a circular strength/weakness to one another. Humans are weak to Minotaurs which are weak to Elves whom inturn are weak to Humans. This gives them a +5% power bonus from last I knew. (there were talks of it being increase)

Equipment StrategiesEdit

Raids and Alchemy have the best Equipment you can get without buying BC. A lot of the best equipment can only be acquired through the BC market. For your champion try to aquire the prismatic gear through raids and alchemy. Blue Crystals are best first spent on getting All Army gear before buying individual items as these buff effect the whole army.

Market StrategiesEdit

Wait until items and units are for sale, these happen regularly and you can save on Blue Crystals. If you win an event that gives you a free spin, wait until they better the odds.

Alchemy StrategiesEdit

Only bother with items that are better then you can buy as there is currently no way of selling crafted items.

Trophy StrategiesEdit

Completing the Battle Trophy with give you once off better then you can equipment at certain completetion.

All seen here.

Raid Badge StrategiesEdit

The highest priority is to use them on elemental weapons. Badges page.

Ally StrategiesEdit

Make all of the allies that you can, and do it at early levels! There are Facebook groups that can help you find allies.

Make sure that you trade potions with your allies so that you can play more often and get the items and gold that you need.