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Campaign 2: The Cinderscarred ValeEdit


After the defeat of Xaxom, it becomes clear that he works for Azariel, a warlord gaining power in the distant north. She must be making a bid for the empty throne.
Track her down and defeat her before she can claim the kingdom as hers!
First, you must cross the legendary Cinderscarred Vale, a hidden, volcanic region deep in the Sartolos Mountains.

The Map Will Take You ThereEdit

Missions Descriptions Requirement Reward Completion Completion Reward


Goblins? Here? Some of the goblins from the mountains appear to have followed you. Their crude weapons hunger for vengeance and blood.
Though weak, these vicious little brutes swarm in terrifying numbers! Will you take them on?

3 Energy

Unlock at level 10

3 Experience 20 Times 720 gold


Rescue a Traveler You're not the only traveler in the Cinderscarred Vale, it would seem. Others dare this deadly region, and they need assistance if they are to survive the experience.
Will you take the time to make sure they do not succumb to the valley's many dangers?

5 Energy

Unlock at level 10

5 Experience

320to 480 gold

20 times 1200 gold


The Burning Crown While exploring the Cinderscarred Vale, you learn of a mysterious item called the Burning Crown. This item will bestow great powers, but it has been shattered, its pieces scattered throughout the region.
You can attempt to collect the fragments, but doing so requires that you scour the valley and brave its dangers. These pieces may allow you to craft powerful artifacts.

10 Energy

Unlock at level 10

9 Experience

25% chance for a special ingredient

20 times 2400 gold
Inferno Imps Tiny fiends plague the Cinderscarred Vale. When an outsider isn't looking, they will start one's boot on fire, create pyrotechnics to spook horses, or burn the straps holding one's backpack on.
Ridding the world of these mischievous creatures would be considered a great service by anyone.

18 Energy

Unlock at level 15

18 Experience

20 times 5670 gold


Mine for Ore Scattered amid the volcanic region are veins of valuable ores. If you desired, you could pause in the Cinderscarred Vale for a time and mine some of these valuable commodities.

20 Energy

Unlock at level 15

17 Experience

30% chance for a special ingredient

Drops: Silver Ore, Iron Ore, Oak Timber

20 times 6300 gold


The Boiling Beasts The few sources of water in the Cinderscarred Vale are guarded by elemental spirits, but the sulfur and heat has turned them into creatures of steam and scalding water. To gain access to water, you're going to have to slay one of these boiling beasts.

20 Energy

Unlock at level 20

20 Experience

20 times 7800 gold

Cinderscarred ValleyEdit

Missions Description Requirement Reward Completion Completion Reward
Descentintothevalley Descent into the Valley

Even finding a path down into the hellish landscape of the Cinderscarred Vale presents unique dangers.

Navigating past volcanic vents and rivulets of lava, the going will be challenging to say the least. Do you dare?

11 Energy 12 Experience 1 time
Firewolves Fire Wolves Your progress through the Cinderscarred Vale is blocked by the sudden appearance of creatures of flame and fear. With slavering jaws of obsidian teeth dripping molten rock, this pack of predatory beasts seems intent on tearing you apart. Defend yourself!

12 Energy

Level 12

14 Experience 1 time
Gerrulas Gerrulas, Fire Wolf Lord

With the help of Caerdon, an elf native to this valley, you track the fire wolf lord to his lair on a rocky island surrounded by a burning moat of lava. Gerrulas, a massive wolf more flame than fur, crouches into a defensive stance.

"I don't know who you are," he growls, "but I shall destroy you."

14 Energy

Level 14

19 Experience 1 time
Lavastorm Lavastorm!

The volcanic vents in the Cinderscarred Vale begin to explode, showering the area with lava, huge chunks of flaming rock, and steam.

You have to find shelter for yourself and your troops or you'll be wiped out.

15 Energy

Level 15

17 Experience 1 time

Glass WastelandEdit

Missions Description Requirement Reward Completion Completion Reward
Smokeandglass Smoke and Glass

As you make your way across a soot-choked waste of broken volcanic glass in the center of the vale, you catch site of strange creatures, composed of smoke and ash. When they realize that you have spotted them, they race off.

You'll have to give chase to find out who or what they might be.

16 Energy

Level 16

18 Experience 1 time
Thesearingmaze The Searing Maze

Searing hot magma carved out these blackened tunnels long ago, but vents still belch forth flames and ash. Sometimes a new upheaval deeper underground forces a new river of molten rock to pour in, or collapses a tunnel or cave.

Even without these deadly hazards, navigating the maze of tunnels is difficult at best. Still, Caerdon assures you that not only is this the lair of Orrugan, it's also the way out of the valley. You must forge onward, through the maze!

17 Energy

Level 17

19 Experience 1 time
Orruganthescorched Orrugan the Scorched Lava and fire form the flesh of this powerful, inhuman wizard. She cackles with delight as you approach, ready to cast her deadly spells of flame and stone.

19 Energy

Level 20

25 Experience

1900-2850 Gold

1 time
07tbetrayal Boss fight: Caerdon the Betrayer The lava elves that arrived with Caerdon seem as surprised as you that he is, in fact, your foe. With a wave of his hand, he conjures fire wolves and lava elementals to his side. Fire wells about him as the cavern floor cracks and buckles. Once the ground stills, with a quiet voice, he commands his deadly forces to attack.

25 Energy

Level 20

23 Experience

10% Chance for Special Equipment

1 time Caerdon's Golden Sword