Titans are war machines that deal massive damage to your enemies. Crank 'em up!

It is worth noting that Titans are Lengandary units and therefore dont use equipment but are effected by champion All Army gear.

Accessing TitansEdit

In order to release each Titan for use, you need to ally with a certain number of other players in the game.

Cranking TitansEdit

Once you have released a Titan for use, you must ask other players to 'crank' your Titan to charge it for use on the battlefield.

On the Titan page, you can click the 'Ask for Help' button and this open Facebook box that will let you paste a link, requesting for help, to your Facebook wall. Anyone who clicks on this link will help to charge your Titan.

To have all of your Titans cranked at once, create a One-Click Titan Cranker instead of linking to each Titan individually.

You can also paste these links into a FB chatbox or group, or add it to the Official Crank my Titan thread on the KlickNation Forum to get more players to help crank your Titans.


Titan Power Life

Allies /


1. Scarab

Scarab Titan

50 1,000 5
2. Stag Titan
Stag Titan 50 2,000 8
3. Lytta Magister
Lytta Magister Titan 100 2,000 10
4. Megasoma
Megasoma Titan 50 3,000 12
5. Da Vinci
Da Vinci Titan 150 3,000 15
6. Pharoah
Pharoah Titan 175 1,500 12