When you journey to the Travel tab, your screen will default to the Quest subtab where you last left off. At the top of the page there are two other tabs available to you: the Raids tab and the Badges tab. See below for a quick summery on each section.


The Travel tab contains a map of Thrane where you can explore the land and follow an amazing adventure! Defeat Goblins, learn how to Craft, and journy beyond Skyreach City in search of honor and glory.

When you first open your Travel tab, a book will appear with quests listed in each section. On the far left you will see tabs listing the names of each quest line available for you to participate in. Each quest line is broken down into one or more chapters. Some quest lines have an "Extra" tab for side quests available outside of the main story-line, but still related to that area.

For more information about individual chapters and quests, click here.


The Raids page is where you can summon the most ferocious beasts of Thrane to challenge in combat! Battle fearsome Dragons and defeat gigantic Spiders. Destroy Elementals and best the mightiest of Manticores, Basilisks, and other creatures of myth. Summon them to fight on your own, defeat with your guild, or share your summoned creature with friends on Facebook or on our Forums.

Once defeated, collect the rewards of your spoils! Creatures summoned in Raids have the chance to drop components in Alchemy as well as Badges when defeated. Use these componants to make some of the more powerful items currently in exsistance! Be warned, however... it will not be easy!

For more information on individual raids, click here.


Badges are not only a mark of a champions honor, but they are vital in upgrading a players gear. Use badges of different types to create more powerful versions of equipment for your army.

You can earn badges by defeating different raid bosses on the Raids page.

For more information on badges, click here.