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Campaign 3: UshuraEdit


You enter Ushura, a kingdom fallen to the warlord Azariel. Ushura was once a teeming industrial city with the mechanical gifts of the Immortal Galvin. Now the evil occupiers, some of whom are abominations from beyond the grave, harshly subjugate the land and its people, using the great factories to produce items of war. Ushura offers your first chance to strike at Azariel's forces directly.






Completion Reward


Refurbish the Machines

The farmers of Ushara use steam-powered machines for farming and transport but with some refurbishing they could be made into war machines.

5 Energy

Unlock at level 22

5 Experience

560 to 840 Gold

20 times

2,800 Gold


Enemy Raiders

Dark armies plunder the steam-powered land of Ushura. You see a patrol of well-armored troops about to pillage a nearby village. Intervene and save them!

7 Energy

Unlock at level 20

7 Experience

730 to 1100 Gold

20 times

3640 Gold


Griffon Hunt

Prides of griffons hunt in the wilds of Ushura, preying upon the locals and occasionally attacking your troops. Defeating one of these hungry griffon prides will bring safety to all concerned.

12 Energy

Unlock at level 20

12 Experience

20 times

6240 Gold


Gather Supplies and Weapons

Your troops need supplies and equipment. You need to lead a force out to gather food, water, weapons, and armor for your soldiers. While some of this can be accomplished by foraging in the wilderness or buying from locals, some will require raiding enemy storehouses as well.

15 Energy

Unlock at level 25

13 Experience

30% chance for a special equipment

20 times

9300 Gold


Hearts and Minds

The best way to win the war in Ushura is by convincing the populace that you are on their side. You'll have to take the time to provide the downtrodden locals with food and supplies, but it may prove worth it in the end.

18 Energy

Unlock at level 28

18 Experience

20 times

12240 Gold

Challenge the Necromancer

The evil occupying forces in Ushura are mainly undead. Finding and slaying the necromancers responsible for creating and maintaining these foul troops will go a long way to undermining the enemy ranks.

20 Energy

15 Experience

50% chance for a special Ingredient

20 times

12400 Gold

Havenbrush WildernessEdit

Mission Descriptions Requirement Reward Completion Completion Reward
Faceoftheenemy Face of the Enemy

As you enter Ushura, you are met by a contingent of the army of warlord Azariel. A motley collection of savage barbarians and half-men, their ranks are supplemented with undead soldiers raised by the power of dark necromancy.

They don't ask questions. They simply attack.

20 Energy

22 Experience

2080-3120 Gold

1 time
Fortifythecamp Fortify the Camp

In order to operate in Ushura, you need a base of operations.

The land offers many remote valleys in the wilderness for you to establish your camp, but you may also want to fortify it against attack.

21 Energy

Level 21

23 Experience 1 time

City of UshuraEdit

Mission Descriptions Requirement Reward Completion Completion Reward
Facingthedarkcaptain Facing the Dark Captian

"I don't know who you are, outsider, but you should never have trod onto Ushuran soil. We rule this land, now, and will not tolerate your presence."

The dark knight steps forward, followed by an army of undead warriors drawing their weapons.

24 Energy

Level 24

31 Experience

2880-4320 Gold

1 time
Capturetheairships Capture the Airships The moonlight shows clearly the airships you need to transport your troops. Moored in a large, open field, they are guarded by undead soldiers patrolling the perimeter and watching from towers. You will need to strike swiftly.

26 Energy

Level 26

29 Experience 1 time

Liberate the Prisoners

(side quest)

Many of the citizens of Ushura have been placed into prisons and makeshift camps to keep them from causing trouble for the occupying army. Breaking into one of these prisons or camps to free those inside is not only the right thing to do, it will help loosen the enemy's control over the land.

25 Energy

Level 30

25 Experience 20 times 18,000 Gold

The Dark TempleEdit

Mission Descriptions Requirement Reward Completion Completion Reward
Raidingthetemple Raiding the Temple

Across the lake, your forces spring forth from the stolen airships, ready for combat. You reach the gates of the dark, forbidding temple of black magic. Leering demonic faces adorn the bronze doors and stone gargoyles watch your approach from high atop the roof.

Incense and black smoke roil from within, accompanying the horrible sounds of unspeakable rituals. This is the source of the evil army's power, and it is well guarded by undead legions and foul beasts.

28 Energy

Level 28

31 Experience 1 time
Topplingthestatue Toppling the Statue

Just as the Dark Captain's Scroll described, a massive statue of a woman of dark beauty rises in the center of the inner courtyard of the temple. She holds aloft a sphere of black crystal, which radiates the sorcerous might sustaining Azariel's forces in Ushura.

Destroying this statue will surely put an end to the evil army's power.

30 Energy

Level 30

33 Experience 1 time

Boss Fight:

The Undying Twins

"Why, our ears are burning."

Two figures step out of the shadows of the temple's inner sanctum. They speak in unison and move like darting serpents.

"You fools! Don't you know we will roast you alive for this affront? The power of black magic is ours to command. You are mad to come here while we still draw breath!"

35 Energy

35 Experience

5,040-7,560 Gold

1 time

Elven SanctuaryEdit

Missions Descriptions Requirement Reward Completion Completion Reward
Approachthesanctuary Approach the Sanctuary

Walking through the forest, you see that the trees are beginning to get larger, and the canopy has risen since you've entered. Ahead there are walkways and huts hanging from the tree branches.

The Elven Sanctuary is a sigh of relief compared to the desolation around Ushura.

30 Energy

Level 32

33 Experience 1 time
Theeldersstory The Elder's Story

The elven Elder continues his story. "Before he was corrupted, the King was given three gifts to rule over the lands. One gift was eternal life, one was the orb of power, and the last was the Harbinger, a sword of great power."

"He took all three gifts and tainted them with his evil corruption. The eternal life he used to destroy others, the orb he replicated to magnify his power, and the sword he cursed so that no other could wield it."

33 Energy

35 Experience

5,016-7,524 Gold

1 time